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If you have a need, or know of a person, (or situation), that would benefit from prayer, please E-Mail me and I will post it so that all of our visitors can join in the effort of lifting one another’s needs up to the Lord.



I am so blessed that I have found a new job and I am excited to start on this new path. Please pray that I might take the things God has shown me into the new position I am beginning and carry them in all I do. Also; My niece Laura is about to start her next phase of school at Northwest Missouri State, working toward her degree in accounting. Prayers for her are also appreciated.

My Son, Christopher Thibodeau

Chris is facing many new challenges in his life but through them all he is progressing toward a lofty goal. He has already begun studies that will enable him to enter the nursing program at the area college. Surely more trials are ahead of him as he works toward this noble end, which may be only the next step in a course of action that leads to places that none us can foretell. Please keep him in prayer for all he is currently facing as well as for the trials to come.

Our Nation

All levels of government, to ask God’s providence to shape the future of this great nation. To help convict the conscience of each and every legislator so that we might move forward building a country based on the truths of God. To guard the integrity of the Supreme Court and the office of the President and for His will to be made fast in the hearts of our leaders.

Our Troops

Please pray for the men and women who are facing the very difficult prospect of being separated from their families this holiday season. I have had this experience myself while in the Navy and I know it can be a very difficult time. Even with E-Mail and video conferencing, nothing takes the place of being home for the holidays. Pray also that they be protected and brought safely home to the families waiting for their return.

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