Spiritual Truth You Can Depend On


Charles H. Sporleder
Midland Michigan, 1955


My early childhood was spent in Michigan, until I was 4 years old when my father received a job offer that resulted in our moving to St. Louis, Mo.  There, I attended school, graduating from Affton Sr. High in 1973 and I began a career in printing, moving to south Texas about a year and a half later.  I worked in my chosen profession for another year and a half before I enlisted in the U.S. Navy where I spent 6 years on active duty as a radar technician.  While I enjoyed this technical trade, after my discharge in 1982, I returned to my former occupation as a printer.  I was married in 1981, while still enlisted, and after I got out of the military, my wife and I settled down in Boise, Idaho for the next 15 years.

We began to feel the call to leave the Pacific Northwest and head east.  Without a set destination, we traveled around and ended up eventually buying a small farm in the hill country of northern Missouri.  For 4 years, I was the working plant manager of a small newspaper production facility where several local area newspapers were printed. I took a job driving a truck with Swift Transportation and spent the next 4 years involved in that industry. After leaving Swift I went to work as a customer service rep for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

I have no formal training in theology or seminary studies but I have found the Holy Spirit to be extremely faithful in bringing the understanding of God’s Word into my life. I am merely a disciple in training as are we all. I have no special revelation or direct message from God to share, other that that which is presented for us in the Bible.



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