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The pearls of truth in Scripture are as relevant today as they ever were. A lot of the things we read were written for a different people at a different time, but that in no way lessens the reflective clarity they contain in this day and age. Some might argue that the condemnation pronounced was [...]

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Dogma and Doctrine

I have been re-thinking the importance of dogmatic assertions concerning the genuine doctrines of the Christian faith and find myself caught between what seems to be opposing standpoints. I say, “seems to be,” because I am convinced that there is really only one correct interpretation of God’s Word; but to a mortal flawed human such [...]

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140 in the 1st

Does it seem like we sit through sermons and think, “I hope THAT person is hearing what’s being said.” I sometimes find myself reading the Bible and thinking that God is really letting them have it; He’s speaking to the Jews and teaching them a lesson, or what fools they are for falling back into [...]

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Merely Players

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” There may be good reason that this is touted as the most quoted Shakespeare line of all time. Taken from Act II of, “As You Like It,” there is a wealth of insight into the character of man that can be taken [...]

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A Late-Season Frost

OK, here in Missouri, frost in May might not be all that unusual, but after several weeks of warmer temperatures a cold snap is a little shocking to the senses. Dad always told me that if I didn’t like the weather in Missouri, (I grew up in St. Louis), give it an hour and it [...]

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For Us

One of my favorite things about reading my Bible is when the words seem to leap off the page. They don’t actually glow like the moon runes on the elven parchment in the movie, “The Hobbit,” but there are times when the Spirit illuminates a verse and it comes alive. I am currently in the [...]

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Always Something There to Remind Me

A part of the problem of looking into philosophical concerns is that the questions they raise become questions that encompass areas of our lives that we hadn’t intended. The problem of the presence of evil becomes the personal failing of sin in my life. The question begins with the seeming paradox between a benevolent God [...]

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The Atheist’s Lullaby

I concede from the start that there is little possibility of defeating any argument concerning anything, in so short a space as this presents, but each attempt helps to chip away at the central problem. I cannot possibly eliminate all of the objections of the Atheist in 1400 words, but I can start to show [...]

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Faith is for Real – How About You?

Living in a small town; the movies we get at the local theater are not always what you might call, “First Run.” Recently the film, “God is NOT Dead, He is Surely Alive,” was shown and it received raves from the local community but within the church circles it also spawned what seemed like a [...]

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Philosophic Imponderables

Here’s one: I can prove that you can never get anywhere although it seems that you can. 1) any distance can be divided in half, an infinite number of times – 2) Before you can travel any distance you must first travel one half that distance – 3) Since there are an infinite number of [...]

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